The Paycheck

What else could it be?

The Network went off-air during the so-called calibration period of ETC-RPN switching. I was off-duty that day but I had to be in the office to get my pay check.

The rays of the sun that kissed the back of my neck burned like sulphuric acid and the temperature could’ve given me brain stroke.

On the way to the office, I couldn’t stop thinking about my young reportorial job at RPN once The Leader coming to an end. All I could say was the bastards are heartless popes.

My hopes didn’t end. It clings to the not-so-bright light it sees at the end of this long dark tunnel.

After I encashed the check, I passed by a coffee shop and saw one of the great men who has a say in all of this.

“Good day, Sir. Can I have a cigarette?” I asked him. “Sure. You guys look like you’re goin’ on a vacation.” he said.

“We’ll go to the South and catch some fresh air.”

I tried hard not to ask questions about the scorching allegations and I succeeded.


Everything was calm but awkward.

I know the big man tried to sense if I supported the United. He knows I also tried to sense if he was doing something for the people of the company.

“Thanks for the smoke. We better get going.”


My story should end here. I might write something which can uncover the identities of the obviuosly selfish people hiding under the cloak of relentless rants.

The noise barrages by the United, the silence of the Executive Office, the alleged indifference of the Owners and the rant of the unprotected most useful Soldiers of Radio

Philippines Network, Inc. melted a part of my dream.

It could be anything.

In my case I must call it Life. The paycheck revives every single thing at home that expires— the groceries, my so-called Dove shelf in the bathroom, my mom’s Olay collection and last, but not the least— the bills.

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Journalist. Son. Bum. Bored.Inspired. Loves. Loved. Runs. Backpacker wanna be. Silently noisy. Dreamer. Believer.
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