Loveless Cages

I didn’t get a decent sleep before going on my duty that day, so I instantly got tired when I failed to catch an amphetamine buy-bust operation.

But in a flick of an eye, there’s another buy-bust operation. However, this one instantly pumped juice right back through my veins— vigorously.

Authorities seized a bunch of Taking Mynahs. These are birds with a combination of black and brown feathers, an orangey beak and with basic, but entertaining talkabilities.

These Mynahs didn’t look well and you can tell from their (well, I don’t know what it’s called but) spot to spot jumpy movement that they’re obviously disturbed.

There’s one cage that stoodout from the rest. There’s a Serpent Eagle confined in a rusty fence.

 The lady suspect told media men the animals are not hers and certain people from the Bicol Region and the Palawan Islands deliver it to her house in Tondo, Manila. Unaware that her routine for quite sometime is illegal, she had delivered many animals to Aranque and Cartimar.

Despite her again-and-again deals, I was flabbergasted she would only sell an eagle regardless of its kind for only P400—to anyone who wants it.

Her price saddened me. It only showed how ignorant she was about how important that bird to the ecosystem is or the rest of what she’s got including little turtles.

In the news article I wrote for RPN Newswatch, I was forced to include that the animals were included in the list of endangered species. It’s what a highly ranked police officer told me and its in the SOT (sound on tape).

I made a research and found out that none of these animals are for a fact in that list. The Serpent Eagle popped-up with a LEAST CONCERN tag. And the Mynahs. And the little turtles. 

Our media savvy folks would say anything unproven to join the sensationalism of news to be known only for a few minutes.

If climate change was ever real, I sometimes think I should be more worried about it than my career. I’ve always showed support for our Planet because it’s apparently, our only life-supporting habitat to date.

I wonder why animals don’t destroy nature; and why humans do.

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