Law Enforcer Cries Out His Love for PNoy

Before spending Christmas night behind bars, PO1 Fulgencio Narceda was claiming he had spoken directly to President Benigno Aquino III about his detention for Indiscriminate Firing. With this, he could be someone special despite the fact that he is still a “PO1” at age 38.

He was detained at the General Assignments Section of the Manila Police District Headquarters in late December 2011.

I, with other reporters felt that the scoop is intriguing. We all went over our almost-in-a-template-inquiry, but after I challenged the subject with a couple of probing questions, all jaws in the congested room dropped to the floor.

He said with tearful eyes that he believes in the power vested in the president to save the Philippines from corruption.

According to the alleged complainants, Narceda scared them after he fired his gun at a late night party in Tondo, Manila.

I couldn’t believe what I heard while covering this “Pinaupong Manok” press corps story that night.

I almost believed in him. His tears justified his words.

Mentally deranged? I found sincerity.

Here’s my video article on that story aired on Dec. 26, 2011:


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