People Need Positive Things

Seven people immediately liked my Facebook status. I observed that most of the time whenever I say something harsh and world-damaging on the social networking site, nobody cares. Not that I’m some unimportant person, they don’t like negative vibes. I found out that people during these days need to be inspired.

In my case, when inspiration comes from someone I know very well, its effect is deeper. 


Breathing fresh cold morning air from the majestic view of the Taal volcano from Taal Vista hotel in Tagaytay.

My Facebook shootout:

“I thank You Lord for all the blessings! I have a wonderfully bizarre family! I have a world-changing job as a news reporter, I drive my car to do errands, fight sleeplessness to be with my friends on the road on warm nights, and I even need to give myself a favor by going to the gym to be fitter! Life is an amazing journey and what lies after it is another adventure to be uncovered!”

Moreover when we shout positive things out and leave the unlikely energy behind, we uplift ourselves.

I will also start writing positive things so you guys can read it! I will have my news reporting job involved, my weirdest adventures and most of all my intimate undisclosed relationship with whom I consider my maker. 

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About pinoyjournalist

Journalist. Son. Bum. Bored.Inspired. Loves. Loved. Runs. Backpacker wanna be. Silently noisy. Dreamer. Believer.
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