Warning. Heed it.

If God was not one of us and wasn’t just a slob like all of us then, He is truly God.

One night I was driving on the way home. The city streets were always the same. Lamp posts with bright yellow lights that seem to stretch endlessly illuminate the establishments along the streets that has closed down for the day. The city park, the big town clock and the city hall looked cold as they ever were every night. I was running low on gas, but it should last until I get home. My head also feels the need to lie down on a pillow. My eyes squint everytime a vehicle passes with too bright headlights like I would hit it. A couple of miles more I will park to safety and enter our house.

Suddenly I felt a jolt of fear that coursed through my nerves as I passby through the dark streets that surround the city theatre.

Lamp posts here are not working so it is significantly dark.

Rumors say that passersby experience supernatural things in and out of the theatre even with its residents at night– the security guards.

When I was still a journalist I made a news AVP for an All Souls’ day special. I wrote it with the touch of the ‘unseen’ world and included this particular theatre in the story.

“One of my colleagues got fired after abandoning her post. She said all faucets at the women’s restroom were turned on as she passed by its doors. We never heard from her since” the security guard I interviewed told me.

While driving I strangely feel fear flowing like a silent stream, but raging with force. I wanted to scream, but I didn’t because it would only make me worse. I even want to jump and run on my feet but it made no sense since my car is faster if just want to runaway from the theatre.

My attention from the headlights were turned to my rear view mirror. I kept looking at it trying to find out, but not hoping that someone was sitting behind me.

I even stared at the rear view blankly and a passing vehicle honked and suddenly I was fully awake and alert with goosebumps. I told myself that I can’t participate in an accident. You shouldn’t be in any trouble.

So, I reached for the window controls. I opened all four of them. But I realized I don’t want to invite more spirit as if they care.
Then I was on a highway that has lamp posts again. A traffic light. It was red. I stopped. I looked at the odometer and it measured 66.6. All in my mind was “what the…?”
I looked at the radio clock. 11:33p. I even forgot that the radio was powered on. Suddenly I heard a song singing “…like a devil in your eyes…” Not really coincidence.

More goosebumps. Good Lord what is this? A warning. Maybe. I prayed. And then asked for guidance. The drive home was the longest in my life.
Thank God I reached the house safely. If God was one of us then there’d be no devils. There’d be no us. Fear keeps the faith alive.

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Journalist. Son. Bum. Bored.Inspired. Loves. Loved. Runs. Backpacker wanna be. Silently noisy. Dreamer. Believer.
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