Relaxing Tides

I’m enjoying the rain while I’m in my car writing this. How many times have I done this boring thing, but I know I’m fine.
The sound of the falling waterdrops against the car roof is therapeutic almost like a sound that can lull you to sleep. There’s also coffee that my mom prepared before I drove in this isolated parking lot to fight my sleepyhead. I don’t even know why I went here.
Life’s moments are like a snap shot. You do it and then its a memory.
Recently, my bestfriend was in the devil’s territory because he didn’t tell me that he’s visiting us back here in Manila. So I had no plans at all. To sweeten it, he surprised me at a coffeeshop when he arrived naked.
Joke. He just came in like it was a normal day, but it was amazing. I can’t describe the smile and the amazing.
Okay. Then after a month, we sent him away again at the airport wishing good health and everything.
After like a week, he asked me to pick up a delivery at an LBC shop for his mom. Well, okay. He was the delivery. 
Another surprise! Another month stay. Woah with smiles! He just attended his brother’s graduation and cameback. Then, we spent all of our time drinking milk tea everywhere.  He and I became broke, but we most surely had a lot of fun chewing the indestructible gummy tapioka and the strong black tea lightened by a cup of evaporated milk instant Zen Tea.
I’m wtiting this because I miss my bestfriend. I don’t like him. I just love him like a part of my body.
You know. Like a part of me is lost when he’s away and the next things I do are sorts of all boring things.
Before he went away again, I was nagging him because he wouldn’t talk to me when he’s with his better half. He has a partner. Yes, its true like the sun. My question is why? I just want to give a bag!!! So I didn’t want to speak with him until he goes away again, but I was just surprised again. Guards in the office are looking for me saying that he is looking for me. I was surprised because he was just a few hours from his flight and he is in the office. Sabi ng friend ko, “ang ganda mo!” sabi ko “may jowa un.” 
Last person to be seen before the flight aside from the better half. Then I agreed. I was hashtag beautiful that day!
One last glance, hugs and kisses and he’s gone. Again. I will never ever be immuned to this idea that becomes a reality. Then the car stopped and the window opened and another goodbye. I most certainly appreciate it.
Sweet nya noh? Kainis. Kapatid eh. Like the Supernatural brothers. Hot with tendencies. Hih

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Journalist. Son. Bum. Bored.Inspired. Loves. Loved. Runs. Backpacker wanna be. Silently noisy. Dreamer. Believer.
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