Egypt. My first.

The days flew fast when my baby newscasting career went to an abrupt end. So much about it and I’ve said too many rants losing it because of the allegedly and I think too, failing administration.


Every morning seemed meaningless like I’m having the quarter life crisis which I don’t fully embrace. They say its common for people who work for a BPO company which is now my new source of income.

Well I said, probably to those who are at a dead end that it’s the only thing they can do. I’ve seen many people fought for career growth in this industry like territorial dogs that howl and bark at their colleagues just to fight for that narrowly unadjusted promotion alley.

Atleast not my puppy! I named it Egypt. Its the ancient things in it that fascinates me. So its a fascinating name for my female Shih Tzu.

It’s really small like a princess, but elegant like a full-fledged pharoah on its own. It doesn’t bark unless I guess necessary like when asking for food and water. Its does it really soft like its only us at home that can hear it.

The night I brought it home on a cab, we felt like it never adjusted to our house environment.

You know, they say dogs should vomit and feel depressed and not move at all, but I think its pretty okay. Actually, we all feel that it really feels fine at home. It already knows where to sleep and goes to the bathroom to pee or unload tiny poopies! Isn’t that a treat?

My step dad said that it gave life to the house. Well, we’re all alive and not really kickin’ ass in our careers, but I heavenly agree.


One night, I saw my mom moving really slowly. I asked her what’s happening and she said “shhh… The dog’s asleep.” Cool mom. She has a new daughter.

We have a really small place and Egypt doesn’t have much playroom. I worried at first, but I found out that it’s comfortable enough to lie down under the table when its idle. When it feels like being active it runs in the house and because its small, its just right for her.

When I got it, I went to Eastwood City for its accessories. I guess I just didn’t know what to do first. I bought it dentastix and a brush and a comb and a leash. It ate the pet one food. Then I bought I Pedigree because it said in the box that its soft and milky. I guess for a baby like Egypt, its the real deal.

I just don’t know what else to do to make it happy. I guess, with all the stress that came to my boring life, this is a hint that there’s surely a bright light at the end of this dark tunnel we all call life.


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