Here’s Why I’m Letting Go of GrabTaxi

Using the GrabTaxi app to call the attention of nearby cab drivers is easier than waiting and hailing for a taxi in real life. But that was like what– almost two years ago?


Now, due to the popularity of the service with the convenience it offers, its demand is very high. However, the caveat that this has brought is that its drivers are now picky. I have done my occasional driver interviews, and asked users of the app and spent every opportunity that I have to use the app for its service.
Before, when I open the app, I know I can be anywhere I want to be. I didn’t care about the P70 hire free because I need the service for its convenience. Most of the time, I use the GrabCar option because the AC blast on my face is way better and the seats are far cleaner. I always get a black Toyota Vios though, but I’m alright with that as I do not have a car anymore.

When I use GrabCar Premium, I’m picked up by a Toyota Fortuner with just about P50 pesos more. I just haven’t tried GrabExpress habal-habal mode.

To make my fanticism of this service short, I loved it. Now, I kind of hate it.

In my many driver-questioning moments, they said that it’s a good thing that they see the destination before everything else and they can turn down passengers just by not confirming on the app and its not hard to do.

There will be passengers from Novaliches that need to get to Parañaque during rush hours and that’s really hard. If it is me, I won’t take it as well because I understand them very well. But they didn’t tell me what the real scoring is in confirming a passenger. I did my experiment and abide by its results for about 5 times. 

So, here’s the bad that came from my tests. Imagine a gloomy Saturday 10:30 morning along C. Raymundo Avenue in Pasig. You open the GrabeTaxi app– 130 drivers nearby! You smile with confidence. Then, you select Pililia, Makati. P131. Woah– you just love it. Then, 15 minutes later, your smile fades away. No confirmation. You put a tip, P20. Still nothing. You tip more, P50. Nothing. You have the Grinch’s face now. P100. “We’ve found you a driver!”

So, before, it wasn’t about who has the app and data on the road. Now, its a Tip War! A battle for the willing and an unbiased arena for the more fortunate ones versus people like me who can only spend so much. I don’t think that the rates have gone high. I just think that most drivers are now too choosey to pick you without a high tip. What’s high anyway? I’m not abusive. I know what’s far and what’s not. I love drivers!

I just hope that this be regulated and addressed immediately by the GrabTaxi service. It’s now easier to hail mano-a-mano for a cab.

See you soon GrabTaxi drivers. ‘Till I install the app again.

-Commuter (a considerate one)


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